Treatment Options for Farsightedness

Lately, you’ve experienced trouble reading things up-close. Signs, books, computer screens – if they’re too close to your face, you have difficulty making them out. Strangely, you’re still able to clearly read things that are positioned far back. You’ll need to visit an ophthalmologist for a decisive diagnosis, but there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a textbook case of farsightedness. When looking for ways to treat this common ocular condition, consider the following options.

LASIK Surgery

These days, LASIK surgery is becoming an increasingly popular farsightedness treatment option. This affordable outpatient operation utilizes highly concentrated lasers to correct sight impairments and is virtually painless. Additionally, LASIK is far from time-consuming, with most operations being completed in under half an hour.

Contact Lenses

If you’re currently on the fence about LASIK, you may want to give contact lenses a try. These miniature corrective lenses are placed directly on the affected eye(s) and can promptly remedy any vision issues you’ve been experiencing.


If you’re not crazy about the idea of placing a lens directly on your eye, invest in a well-made pair of prescription glasses. Since glasses have become such a chic fashion accessory in recent years, you won’t have to worry about your new spectacles making you stand out.

Farsightedness is among the most common vision problems worldwide. Fortunately, thanks to the previously discussed options, it’s also one of the most treatable.

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