Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is not uncommon, but caught early it has an excellent prognosis. All men should be in the habit of doing regular examinations of their genitals just like women are encouraged to do monthly breast exams. Many times testicular cancer is discovered by the patient’s partner during sexual activity. It usually presents itself as a lump or swelling. You should have any unusual pain, growths or other symptoms checked out by your doctor right away. If you are in need of treatment for testicular cancer in Georgia, talk to your urologist.

Treatment for testicular cancer usually involves removal of the affected testicle. This may sound traumatic but it is not a complicated procedure, recovery is quick and you can even get a prosthetic to replace it if you would be more comfortable that way. Radiation and chemo may also be recommended depending on the extent of your cancer. If it has spread to your prostate or lymph nodes more extensive treatment may be necessary. Remember though, if caught early, prognosis is excellent. Monthly exams and yearly checkups are important tools in early detection. The earlier cancer is found the better the outcome will be. Speak to your doctor to learn more.

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