Need Hearing Aids? An Introduction to the Different Types of Devices

When people talk, you have a hard time hearing what they say. You also have to listen to your television at an extremely high volume. Finally, you have decided to make an appointment to have your hearing assessed and you’ve found out that you, indeed, have a degree of hearing loss. Your doctor has told you that hearing aids would definitely be beneficial for improving your hearing, and there are many option available for hearing made affordable. Here’s a look at some of the affordable hearing aids you can find:

In-the-canal. These hearing aid devices are held in small cases that fit either partly or completely in the ear canal. They are the smallest type of hearing aid available, thus they are either completely or almost completely non-visible.

In-the-ear. These devices are held in a shell that fills in the outer part of the ear. They are larger than the canal aids, but they are easier to handle than the smaller devices, which might be a better option if you have difficulty with your dexterity.

Behind-the-ear. The parts of these devices are held in a plastic case that sits behind the ear. The case is attached to an earmold by a piece of tubing, and the tubing then sits in your ear.

Behind-the-ear – open fit. These devices involve a small plastic case that holds the components, and that case sits behind the ear. A small tube runs into the ear canal, amplifying sound and allowing you to hear more clearly.

Which one is right for you? Talk to your audiologist to learn about the benefits of each type.

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