The Dangers of Severe Weight Gain

There’s an increasing concern throughout the country about obesity and the effects of being overweight. While studies have proven the risks placed on the body due to excessive weight gain, others believe they should embrace their bodies. Although confidence in your body is a wonderful experience, there are health risks to consider with weight gain, as well. If you’re beginning to feel as if your weight could be an issue, it’s important to understand its negative effects.

Back Pain

Weight generalized around the midsection and buttocks adds a lot of pressure onto the spine. Back pain is a common issue with excessive weight, which increases after a standing for a long period of time. Especially if this weight is quickly gained, the muscles haven’t adapted to the extra pounds and can’t provide support.

Heart Disease

Gaining an abundance of weight increases your triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which leads to heart disease. This blockage can lead to heart attacks and even stroke.


Type 2 Diabetes is a relatively newer disease caused by weight gain, when the insulin levels have decreased sensitivity. Talk with a professional to achieve your weight goals in IA. Losing weight can reduce your risk for these dangers.

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is not uncommon, but caught early it has an excellent prognosis. All men should be in the habit of doing regular examinations of their genitals just like women are encouraged to do monthly breast exams. Many times testicular cancer is discovered by the patient’s partner during sexual activity. It usually presents itself as a lump or swelling. You should have any unusual pain, growths or other symptoms checked out by your doctor right away. If you are in need of treatment for testicular cancer in Georgia, talk to your urologist.

Treatment for testicular cancer usually involves removal of the affected testicle. This may sound traumatic but it is not a complicated procedure, recovery is quick and you can even get a prosthetic to replace it if you would be more comfortable that way. Radiation and chemo may also be recommended depending on the extent of your cancer. If it has spread to your prostate or lymph nodes more extensive treatment may be necessary. Remember though, if caught early, prognosis is excellent. Monthly exams and yearly checkups are important tools in early detection. The earlier cancer is found the better the outcome will be. Speak to your doctor to learn more.

3 Signs You May Be Suffering From Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

People have certain quirks, but how do you know they’re just unique personality traits and not something more serious? Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition that’s characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. While there are many signs and symptoms of OCD, the following are among the most common.

Constant Hand-Washing

A telling sign of OCD is consistent hand-washing or constant use of hand sanitizer. Many people who participate in this behavior even go so far as to develop very dry, cracked, and even bleeding skin. The fear of picking up germs and getting sick makes people with OCD engage is such repetitive behavior.

Fervent Cleaning

People who are obsessive-compulsive and who fall within the “hand-washing” category also tend to be compulsive cleaners. Much like with hand-washing, cleaning the house is often a way of alleviating germaphobia. However, even though cleaning can help get rid of these obsessive thoughts (temporarily), the urge to clean is usually even stronger the next time.


Certain OCD patients perform tasks that follow a certain pattern, such as counting. This could involve counting anything from stairs, dishes, or number of doors passed. This superstitious-type behavior is sparked by the idea that something will be off or something bad will happen if they don’t stop after a certain number has been reached.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can interfere with you living a normal life. If you have the disorder and need help overcoming it, visit today.