The Dangers of Severe Weight Gain

There’s an increasing concern throughout the country about obesity and the effects of being overweight. While studies have proven the risks placed on the body due to excessive weight gain, others believe they should embrace their bodies. Although confidence in your body is a wonderful experience, there are health risks to consider with weight gain, as well. If you’re beginning to feel as if your weight could be an issue, it’s important to understand its negative effects.

Back Pain

Weight generalized around the midsection and buttocks adds a lot of pressure onto the spine. Back pain is a common issue with excessive weight, which increases after a standing for a long period of time. Especially if this weight is quickly gained, the muscles haven’t adapted to the extra pounds and can’t provide support.

Heart Disease

Gaining an abundance of weight increases your triglyceride and cholesterol levels, which leads to heart disease. This blockage can lead to heart attacks and even stroke.


Type 2 Diabetes is a relatively newer disease caused by weight gain, when the insulin levels have decreased sensitivity. Talk with a professional to achieve your weight goals in IA. Losing weight can reduce your risk for these dangers.

Tips for Dealing with Skin Issues after Weight Loss

Losing weight is no easy task. It’s wrought with a complete diet overhaul, combined with an increase in daily activities. After losing significant weight, you should feel proud and confident in your new body. But the sad truth is that many cannot revel in their feat due to sagging and stretched out skin. Tackling this issue is an unfortunate step for many of those who’ve lost their excess weight.

Focus on the positives during this time, to avoid feeling consumed with the frustration you may feel over the presence of extra skin. You’ve conquer excessive weight, thus enabling you to physically accomplish tasks as you’ve never done in the past. Allow yourself to be happy in this moment.

Make sure the excess you’re feeling is skin, not something else. Some people find that it’s just additional fat that needs to be lost. Skin feels paper thin when pinched, while fat and other tissue has more resistance. Work on building muscle, to increase mass and tighten skin; you don’t need to look like a bodybuilder to work on your muscles.

Consider talking with a cosmetic surgeon about body sculpting technology to remove extreme amounts of excessive skin. Some skin has lost its ability to retract and will need this more severe measure to tackle the problem.

Need Hearing Aids? An Introduction to the Different Types of Devices

When people talk, you have a hard time hearing what they say. You also have to listen to your television at an extremely high volume. Finally, you have decided to make an appointment to have your hearing assessed and you’ve found out that you, indeed, have a degree of hearing loss. Your doctor has told you that hearing aids would definitely be beneficial for improving your hearing, and there are many option available for hearing made affordable. Here’s a look at some of the affordable hearing aids you can find:

In-the-canal. These hearing aid devices are held in small cases that fit either partly or completely in the ear canal. They are the smallest type of hearing aid available, thus they are either completely or almost completely non-visible.

In-the-ear. These devices are held in a shell that fills in the outer part of the ear. They are larger than the canal aids, but they are easier to handle than the smaller devices, which might be a better option if you have difficulty with your dexterity.

Behind-the-ear. The parts of these devices are held in a plastic case that sits behind the ear. The case is attached to an earmold by a piece of tubing, and the tubing then sits in your ear.

Behind-the-ear – open fit. These devices involve a small plastic case that holds the components, and that case sits behind the ear. A small tube runs into the ear canal, amplifying sound and allowing you to hear more clearly.

Which one is right for you? Talk to your audiologist to learn about the benefits of each type.

Effective Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

For years, you’ve been trapped in the unrelenting grip of chronic pain. No matter where you are or what you happen to be doing, you’re wracked with ever-present pain and discomfort. Unable to live like this any longer, you’ve decided to take decisive action against your ailment. When looking for ways to curb chronic pain, consider the following options.

Consult a Pain Management Specialist

The first step towards relief is visiting a highly-rated chronic pain management specialist. Following a thorough examination, this person will be able to recommend a treatment plan suited to your particular case. Treatment regimens vary from person to person, but many of them involve a combination of pain medication, physical therapy and regular exercise.

Attend Physical Therapy

In addition to being a great way to stay in shape, physical therapy can dramatically reduce chronic pain. A seasoned physical therapist will teach you a soothing assortment of exercises designed to increase flexibility, reduce joint and muscle inflammation and stave off pain.

Millions of people across the globe go through life with chronic pain. However, this problem is easier to manage to many sufferers think. So if you’re ready to bid chronic pain adieu, look into the previously discussed treatment options.

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is not uncommon, but caught early it has an excellent prognosis. All men should be in the habit of doing regular examinations of their genitals just like women are encouraged to do monthly breast exams. Many times testicular cancer is discovered by the patient’s partner during sexual activity. It usually presents itself as a lump or swelling. You should have any unusual pain, growths or other symptoms checked out by your doctor right away. If you are in need of treatment for testicular cancer in Georgia, talk to your urologist.

Treatment for testicular cancer usually involves removal of the affected testicle. This may sound traumatic but it is not a complicated procedure, recovery is quick and you can even get a prosthetic to replace it if you would be more comfortable that way. Radiation and chemo may also be recommended depending on the extent of your cancer. If it has spread to your prostate or lymph nodes more extensive treatment may be necessary. Remember though, if caught early, prognosis is excellent. Monthly exams and yearly checkups are important tools in early detection. The earlier cancer is found the better the outcome will be. Speak to your doctor to learn more.

Treatment Options for Farsightedness

Lately, you’ve experienced trouble reading things up-close. Signs, books, computer screens – if they’re too close to your face, you have difficulty making them out. Strangely, you’re still able to clearly read things that are positioned far back. You’ll need to visit an ophthalmologist for a decisive diagnosis, but there’s a good chance you’re dealing with a textbook case of farsightedness. When looking for ways to treat this common ocular condition, consider the following options.

LASIK Surgery

These days, LASIK surgery is becoming an increasingly popular farsightedness treatment option. This affordable outpatient operation utilizes highly concentrated lasers to correct sight impairments and is virtually painless. Additionally, LASIK is far from time-consuming, with most operations being completed in under half an hour.

Contact Lenses

If you’re currently on the fence about LASIK, you may want to give contact lenses a try. These miniature corrective lenses are placed directly on the affected eye(s) and can promptly remedy any vision issues you’ve been experiencing.


If you’re not crazy about the idea of placing a lens directly on your eye, invest in a well-made pair of prescription glasses. Since glasses have become such a chic fashion accessory in recent years, you won’t have to worry about your new spectacles making you stand out.

Farsightedness is among the most common vision problems worldwide. Fortunately, thanks to the previously discussed options, it’s also one of the most treatable.

3 Signs You May Be Suffering From Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

People have certain quirks, but how do you know they’re just unique personality traits and not something more serious? Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition that’s characterized by obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. While there are many signs and symptoms of OCD, the following are among the most common.

Constant Hand-Washing

A telling sign of OCD is consistent hand-washing or constant use of hand sanitizer. Many people who participate in this behavior even go so far as to develop very dry, cracked, and even bleeding skin. The fear of picking up germs and getting sick makes people with OCD engage is such repetitive behavior.

Fervent Cleaning

People who are obsessive-compulsive and who fall within the “hand-washing” category also tend to be compulsive cleaners. Much like with hand-washing, cleaning the house is often a way of alleviating germaphobia. However, even though cleaning can help get rid of these obsessive thoughts (temporarily), the urge to clean is usually even stronger the next time.


Certain OCD patients perform tasks that follow a certain pattern, such as counting. This could involve counting anything from stairs, dishes, or number of doors passed. This superstitious-type behavior is sparked by the idea that something will be off or something bad will happen if they don’t stop after a certain number has been reached.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can interfere with you living a normal life. If you have the disorder and need help overcoming it, visit today.

How to Prepare for Hip Replacement Surgery

Surgery of any kind can be completely terrifying, especially if you’ve never experienced such a severe treatment. The idea of receiving hip replacement surgery is even more daunting, as the invasive surgery will completely remove the affected joint and replace it with medical equipment. Preparation for the procedure will involve both mental and physical requirements, but hip surgery Phoenix will help you to regain control of your daily movements.


As with any serious medical treatment, a nutritious, well-balanced diet will help you to physically prepare. This doesn’t mean to change your whole diet right before surgery. But rather these are techniques to incorporate in the months and weeks leading up to surgery.


Your doctor will need to be informed of any medications or herbs you take on the regular basis to prevent interactions. As a result, your doctor may ask you to reduce certain prescriptions to prepare for before, during and after surgery.


Hip surgery will involve a lot of hard work on your part to endure the procedure and recovery time. You’ll need to be ready for a long road of physical therapy, combined with pain from the treatment. Consider meditation and rely upon your loved ones for physical and mental support.

Finding an Assisted Living Community

People aged 60 and older now make up the largest segment of the U.S population thanks to the aging of the Baby Boomers. That means assisted living communities, elder care and variety of in-home services are rapidly growing in popularity. The amount of care seniors need depends greatly on their individual circumstances and genetics of course, but it’s expected that most will need some kind of assistance as they age.

Since most seniors want to hold on to their independence, personal care assistants that come to their homes and provide help with meals, hygiene, light housekeeping and minor medical tasks such as checking blood sugar are quite popular. These services allow seniors to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their own homes while still getting the quality care they need. This gives great peace of mind to them and their primary caregivers, which are often their children. Personal car assistants also provide respite care and end of life care. To learn more, talk to your doctor or local social services agency. You may find that Medicare or your private supplemental health insurance will cover the costs. It’s well worth looking into even if you don’t need it right now-it’s never too soon to plan for the future.